Breakaway Honda | New to Blog Discusses Future of Blogging

Blogger Buzz: Blog This! Please welcome Breakaway Honda to The Blog World.

This blog marks the first blog of many to come for Breakaway Honda Greenville South Carolina.

After years of research, countless hours reading blogs, articles, forums and e-mail newsletters from search engine optimization companies Breakaway Honda has decided to stay in touch with our Honda Customers through a weblog "blog".  Writing content for pages is nothing new to the team at Breakaway Honda, what is challenging is the platform for blogging and the very independent feeling of not having a support person on staff at the company hosting the site if we get stuck on a page.

Please allow me to discuss at this time the purpose of the Breakaway Honda Greenville Blog.  For years I have spoken to shoppers and buyers in the new car showroom and heard lots of the same thing over and over again.  "It's no fun to buy a car",  some say, while others have remarked "I HATE BUYING A CAR".  My response on occasion has been to challenge the shoppers disgust.  You see, Shopping for a car Should be fun!  Cars are pretty (most of the time) they are shiny (always) and few things that humans posses in this world portray such a clear picture of our personality or stage of life.  Think about it, when you see a New Honda Odyssey Van, don't you think, "there is someone who has small children"?  On the contrary, When you see a shiny 2011 Honda Accord Coupe V6, you may say to yourself "there is a sporty, athletic person."  So you see, the vehicle speaks of the driver's frame of mind or stage of life, even from a distance, shouldn't you allow yourself the pleasure in selecting this outlet for creativity and expression?

Perhaps the bottleneck in the fun happens when you get to the Honda Dealership.  Happy can get squashed quickly if you speak to someone who makes purchasing a hassle.  The salesperson can take all the fun out of the purchase for you.  At Breakaway Honda Greenville, we have put a technology in place to counteract this issue.  Many times the salesperson is under the stress of wanting to fully align with the buyer during negotiations but is torn when the reality of being compensated on a commission basis.  Commission based pay on New Honda Vehicles means the more the customer pays, the more the salesperson earns.  This model has been around since the invention of sales centuries ago.

Breakaway Honda decided that we should "BREAK AWAY" from this tradition and have non-commissioned new Honda Sales representatives.  Without the stress of how much is the car, and how much commission will I earn this allows the sales consultant and the customer to interact in a much more relaxed, calm state of mind, allowing the buyer to focus on what is Really important, the personification of the Buyers current transportation choice.  The Honda.

Please look for our future posts, I look forward to serving up info for you to ponder and give you a glimpse inside the inner workings of a Honda Dealership.  I am happy to write on any subject you choose for me.  All you have to do is contact me through this blog or at Breakaway Honda and I will be happy to blog an answer or speak to you in person.

Thank You,

John Miller
Internet Director
Breakaway Honda, Bradshaw Infiniti,
Bradshaw Acura, Bradshaw Automotive Greenville