Social Media and Third Party Negotiating

Our Social Networks
Hi, I'm John Miller, Internet Director and Business Development Manager at Breakaway Honda. Thanks for visiting! As part of the Bradshaw Automotive Group it is my passion to provide a World Class, Total Dealership experience. I rely heavily on word of mouth marketing, therefore it is important for me that every Team Member at Breakaway Honda be sincerely concerned with providing that same exacting level of care. If you have some time, read on and I'll explain.

My number one priority, is to provide a purchase and service experience that is; ethical, easy, enjoyable and most importantly recommendable. Next, I want to provide a media in which these excellent experiences can be shared on a larger scale. Therefore I have included Breakaway Honda and all of the Bradshaw Automotive Group in many social media and dealer rating networks. This accomplishes several things.

The fact that interactions with the public may become public, helps to keep us focused on what is really important. We allow posts from; DealerRater, Yelp, City Search and a long list of other review services. These services collect opinions from clients who purchase from Breakaway Honda and shoppers who don't. This is an excellent way to get a true picture of how a dealership is performing around customer care. Please feel free to look for and post reviews about Breakaway Honda at your convenience. I monitor all feedback received from clients and shoppers and dispatch a response or action to any item that is not satisfactory. I then reconcile with our team members and processes to insure a continuing evolution for standards of conduct in this quickly changing business environment.

These review sites and Third Party entities help you to be confident in your ability to choose Breakaway Honda. I only have the ability to monitor and respond to any information provided to review sites or social media. There are a large number of companies, which can be found on the internet, that will post conversations from customers to dealerships. In some cases these conversations are pleasant (sometimes even these are ignored by dealerships)and other times these conversations are exceedingly hurtful to the customer and the dealership. Dealerships can either (a) bury their head in the sand and pretend that the customer and the third party reporting agency doesn't exist or (b) embrace the feedback and the provider to give a more desirable process and product in the future. Breakaway Honda and I , John Miller, choose (b).

Reviews help you pick the right car and the right dealership. With the almost overwhelming amount of information on the internet about; brands, models, trim levels, equipment, specs, so on and so forth about vehicles today, it is easy to loose focus of what may be important to you. Only you know what is important to you. For the mother with new a new child, safety may be paramount. A young executive, looking the part may be high on the priority list. Third party and review companies do a great job of showing a broad audience picture of what vehicles do and I thank them for that. Here's where Breakaway Honda comes in. When you are ready to talk about you we are more that ready to listen. If we do our job well, then Breakaway Honda, and more importantly your sales associate will figure out what is important to you and custom fit a vehicle and feature/benefit explanation that will be valuable in selecting your vehicle. Once you find the right vehicle (it's o.k. if this part takes a while) and once you are sure that Breakaway Honda is the best place to purchase then there is not much left to decide.

Third parties can help get the right price! Oh yes, I have no problem welcome third party entities to your negotiation. I welcome sites like, KBB and Black Book online. As a matter of fact I have provided links to KBB and Black Book on several pages of for your convenience. You may also notice that Breakaway Honda is a preferred dealer. Some dealerships in past experience may have tried to convince clients and shoppers that "third party sites are just a guide and are not any real help at all", other times even rude or unfriendly business practices would follow the introduction of a third party companies information. I can assure you that third party information is welcomed and embraced here. If third party information is invited early in the purchase process, then you can expect a much quicker and more convenient price negotiation process.

Price is the easiest part of the process at Breakaway Honda.