Cars.Com Anniversary at Breakaway Honda celebrates 10-year
partnership with Breakaway Honda

“Powerful and productive” is the way John Miller, internet director for Breakaway Honda described the dealership’s 10-year partnership with  “The thing I like most about is that we are truly dealing with a partner who can offer help and advice,” Miller said.

Challenged by his representative to let Breakaway customers see available automobiles
by providing the best pictures in themarket, Miller created an imaging department to improve the
quality of the photos on Breakaway’s website, and get them posted quickly.

“It’s too soon to quantify, but I feel certain this has led to additional sales each month,” he said.
Breakaway Honda is focused on maintaining relationships for the long haul, Miller said, by treating
customers with honesty and integrity.  For example, the dealership includes destination charges in
price quotes, rather than adding them on later, and salespeople receive a flat fee, rather than a commission based on the price of the car. “This gives the customer the comfort of not being 'worked ' for a higher price,” he said.

Breakaway customers also gain confidence by shopping  “Shoppers see as an
authority on a wide range of cars; a source of information and reviews of manufacturers, dealerships,
and equipment,” he said. “Buyers trust as an impartial third party. It’s easy to make a
decision based on unbiased information.”

Internet Director, John Miller, Sales Manager, Meredith Carter, and

General Sales Manager, Robby Upton accept their 10-year appreciation
award from VP Market Development, Susan Schwartzkopf and Representative, Erika DeRoberts

ADVERTORIAL would like to thank Breakaway Honda for being a loyal advertiser since 2000